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Many colleges with computer science branch are including python in their curriculum. Python was launched back in 1991, only in recent years the popularity grew along with the necessity. The Python is an open software available for everyone to learn program, practice program and enjoy coding. Computer science students who face difficulty in programming enjoy coding in Python. The library system, syntax and everything else about python are made easy for common people to be able to code. Python is a simple way of programming where a 10-line C-program can be written within 3- or 4-line Python language. It helps in writing complex programs in different fields like Data science, artificial intelligence or web development. Many students and software engineers are opting to learn python from other sources when it is not included in their curriculum. It helps in building up a strong resume. Many tech and programming based companies such as dating apps and local hookup apps are paying to send their employees and programmers to become skilled with Python to incorporate it into their repertoire. Here are a few of the sources, which have free content and certification with a minimum fee.

DataCamp: This is a completely free course for beginners. As the levels increase the fee may be compulsory. However, once the basics are known thoroughly, you can go to other free sources available. If you are comfortable with their teaching and wish to continue, it would take $25 per month.

Edx: This open MOOC is popular for many courses. Python for beginners by Microsoft is one of the best courses. Jupyter notebooks are used here, where details are shown through webinars and live interactions. Microsoft also provides other levels, which can be done immediately after the first one with perfection in the basics. MIT also offers basic level python. Python in higher levels is also offered by Harvard University, Columbia University, and IBM. Any certification would need a reasonable amount of fee and writing an exam.

BootCamp: It is similar to Data camp, however, the fee is $199. For programmers who are really into python and its application, this platform is worth investing in. It can be learned through Udemy MOOC.

Udacity: Another MOOC platform for students eager to explore courses, and learn as much as they can. Udacity offers an Artificial intelligence course with Python. This is a very interesting and complex course. It is suggestible to go after completing a basic python course. For those who are already programmers, can manage and continue with AI with Python course.

While certification is a priority in professional word. With an increasing number of free online tools, talent and passion for the language are important. The rising number of people interested in coding, and wanting to shift to computer science in their graduation or masters makes python one of the best programming languages every programmer should learn. Many professors know the demand for python and are coming forward to teach it along with the curriculum. The power of this language is known to experts who consistently work with long, and complex programs. A program taking 4 or 5 hours in C++ or JAVA only takes about 10 minutes with python. Almost all tasks can be done through python equally as fast as JAVA, C++ or any other code.